Nov 9, 2023 - Dec 16, 2023

Caution Fragile!

Serra Kuşkaya

Istanbul Concept Gallery

Tomtom Mah. Nur-u Ziya Sk. No:27/1
34433 Beyoglu, Istanbul, TR

Festival of Destruction

The destruction wrought by humankind consistently arises from 'construction.' Veiled under the guise of productivity, the perpetual cycle of 'construction' hungers for unceasing consumption. This never-ending trinity of construction, consumption, and destruction, shortly after the initial, natural forms of spaces, succumb to their inevitable fate, extends its grip to human life as well.
Embarking on a journey from the bustling urban landscapes to the tranquil embrace of the rural or from the intricate tapestry of culture to the pristine arms of nature, 'construction' doggedly shadows humanity, shape-shifting into towering edifices, commanding signage, encroaching greenhouses, ubiquitous billboards, whimsical amusement parks, colossal plastic creations, and the remnants of our indulgences, ultimately giving way to a landscape of stark desolation.
The aesthetics of the modern world, distinct from Pop Art but still cheerful and bright, confront us without distinguishing between beautiful and ugly, while the line between right and wrong vanishes.
Here, we pause, we observe, we await, we understand, and we partake in the celebration. The festival of destruction beckons us, engulfs us, grinds us, and anoints us as the custodians of this colossal 'puzzle.'

- Huri Kiriş

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In the Press

Serra Kuşkaya, "Caution Fragile", 2023, Mixed media on cardboard, 194 x 192 cm.

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