Jun 22, 2023 - Oct 15, 2023

Beginning From the Middle

• Yağızhan Çalışkan • Nihal Gündüz • Gülercan Hacıoğlu • Sema Maşkılı • Maria Roza • Coşkun Sami

Artİstanbul Feshane

Eyüpsultan 34050
İstanbul, TR

According to the second law of thermodynamics, the transfer of energy moves from more organised and useful forms to less organised and less useful forms. When used to living and experiencing events soaked in an eternal crisis, it is easy to say that art is neither a panacea nor a strategy. Yes, cynical, but it is hard to insist or even believe that art has any power to move something. Yet, we choose to deal with art, which makes us believers. We hold dear that if art and its inherent knowledge are transferred, disseminated and dissected in real-time, their impact and "heat" will grow in a more organized and useful form. We cannot move awareness, but hey, some of us even moved mountains, right?

Thus, our strength resides in our choice to not sit on the side of power, but stay within the realm of the hope that history shall be written not by the powerful, but by the rightful ones.

Sema Maşkılı, “Power Causes Monsters” Series (I), 2017, Oil on canvas, 203 x 145 cm.

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