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Özlem Tekdemir

She was born in Istanbul in 1980. She completed master's degree in 2005 and her doctorate in 2013 at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Art, Department of Painting. In 2019, within the scope of Erasmus, she took part in teaching mobility at Accademia Di Belle Arti Macerata in Italy.She completed his second PhD in Graphic Design at Gazi University in 2020. The artist, who held twelwe solo exhibitions and participated in many national and international events, has works in private and isntutional collections.

The artist, who has art writings, book illustrations and curating works, focuses on the concepts of vulnerability, introversion, loneliness, innocence, uncanny and and anthropocene in her works. Working with different techniques and production tools on the narration parts, the artist continues her life and productions in Ankara. She also works as an Associate Professor in the Graphic Design Department of a foundation university.

Solo exhibitions

  • 2022 "The Other Side of the Dream", Goethe Institut, Gallery Vitrin, Ankara, TR
  • 2021 "Notes from Underground", İklim Art Project, Ankara, TR
  • 2019 "Mono no Aware", ToscaArt & Design, Ankara, TR
  • 2018 "Inemuri 2", ToscaArt & Design, Ankara, TR
  • 2017 "Inemuri", FinArt Studio, Yeldeğirmeni, Istanbul, TR
  • 2016 "The Notebook of Dark Stories", FinArt Studio, Yeldeğirmeni, Istanbul, TR
  • 2015 "Essays on Seeing Story", Hayyam Art, Istanbul, TR​​​​​​
  • 2013 "The Irony of a poetic Nightmare", Hacettepe University, G.S.F. Art Gallery, Ankara, TR
  • 2012 "Everything is Illuminated", Turkish - British Cultural Associaton, Ankara, TR
  • 2011 "Building Short Stories", ODTU Department of Music and Fine Arts, Ankara, TR
  • 2009 "Little Things on My Mind", Ziraat Bank Cultural Centre, Mithat Pasha Art Gallery, Ankara, TR
  • 2004 "City and Chaos Paintings", State Fine Art Gallery, Antalya, TR

Group Exhibitions

  • 2023 "Summer Mix", Istanbul Concept Studio, Nur-u Ziya Suits, Istanbul, TR
  • 2023 "La Liberte", 15th 360 Love Fest, Istanbul Concept Studio, Istanbul, TR
  • 2021 "Crossroads of Culture and Traditions", UNESCO, Paris, FR
  • 2021 "Pandemic Sketches", Çankaya Contemporary Arts Centre, Ankara, TR
  • 2019 "Illustratif", ToscaArt Design, ANkara, TR
  • 2018 "6th International Print Technologies Infinity Themed Group Exhibition", Istanbul Universty, Istanbul, TR
  • 2018 "Paper Works Exhibition", Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, JP 
  • 2018 "International Paper Works Exhibition", Pinelo Art Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • 2018 "10th 360 Love Fest", Istanbul Concept Gallery, Istanbyl, TR 
  • 2017 "International Paper Works Exhibition", Pinelo Art Gallery, Lesvos, GR
  • 2017 "10 x 10 New Stories", Istanbul Concept Gallery, Istanbul, TR
  • 2017 "Keeping body Alive is Love", 9th 360 Love Fest, Istanbul, Concept Gallery, Istnbul, TR
  • 2016 "City As Home", Bat Art Lab, Berlin, DE
  • 2015 "Breathe", Red Initiative, FoyArt Project, Ankara, TR
  • 2014 "Gaga Manjero", Maya Art Project, Ankara, TR
  • 2004 "65th State Painting and Sculpture Competition Exhibition", Ankara, TR


Selected Works

Paper Landscape, 2023
Collage, black pencil, 28 x 38 cm.

Fall, 2022
Watercolour on paper, three-dimensional collage., 30 x 23 x 6 cm.

Winter, 2022
Watercolour on paper, three-dimensional collage., 25 x 25 cm.

Summer, 2022
Watercolour on paper, three-dimensional collage., 25 x 25 cm.

Orange Sky and Bunny, 2022
Watercolour on paper, three-dimensional collage, 25 x 25 cm.

Mono No Aware, 2019
Acrylic and watercolour pencil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm.