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Işıl Gönen

She was born in 1977, Istanbul. Lives and works in Istanbul. After graduating from Istanbul Anatolian Fine Arts High School Painting Department, she graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Painting Department. 

In her paintings, the artist invites the viewer to a journey between dream and reality, woven with the language of dreamlands, ancient sentences extracted from some wells and labyrinths, and symbols glazed in deserts. In this process, where the deep world of the symbolic is combined with the artist's perception of the mythical realms, the work itself produces the artist simultaneously with the production of the artist's work.

Solo exhibitions

  • 2019 “Bab-ı Esrar: Meryem” Adahan, Istanbul, TR
  • 2017 “Bab-ı Ali (Yüceler Kapısı)”, Adahan, Istanbul, TR
  • 2013 “Balık, Deryanın İçinde... Deryadan Habersiz”, Derinlikler Art Center, Istanbul, TR
  • 2012 “Herkes Kendi Mit’inde”, Derinlikler Art Center, Istanbul, TR
  • 2011 “Evvel, Ahir İçinde”, Derinlikler Art Center, Istanbul, TR
  • 2010 “Amak-ı Hayal”, Derinlikler Art Center, Istanbul, TR

Group Exhibitions

  • 2023 “Freedom is Your Character”, Istanbul Concept Gallery, International 360° Love Festival, Istanbul, TR
  • 2022 “Demokratik 100”, Istanbul Concept Studio, Istanbul, TR
  • 2021 “Öteki Hikayeler”, Santral Istanbul Energy Museum, Istanbul, TR
  • 2019 “The ADAHAN Exhibition”, Kunstraum Grevy, Köln, DE
  • 2017 “10 x 10: Storyteller”, Istanbul Concept Gallery, Istanbul, TR

Selected Works