Aug 19, 2023 - Sep 4, 2023


Nizam Orçun Önal

Istanbul Concept Studio

Tomtom Mah. Nur-u Ziya Sk. No:27/2
34433 Beyoglu, Istanbul, TR

Can we see life as a chess game? Can every move be a decision, a choice, a result? What about the pieces? The knight is courage and adventure, the bishop is wisdom and power, the king is authority, the queen is super ego...

G1F3 is an opening... The knight's first and free step.

Unlike the other pieces, the knight moves in an L-shape.
This shows its sharp turns and momentary pauses in its limited freedom.

In the exhibition G1F3, the artist transforms the motto "every move is a decision, every decision is a result" into forms and aims to make the viewer think about the steps he takes, the decisions he makes and his progress in life move by move.

The exhibition portrays a story that resists the difficulties of life, seeks solutions, evaluates possibilities, shares its beauties and embraces victory. At the same time, it also explores the idea that the plans made for the future in the face of the unexpected returns and randomness of life are actually the results of chance. It shows that not everything in life is under our control and that sometimes coincidences lead us down different paths.

It gives viewers a new perspective in determining the figures they position in their own lives. The artist also invites the viewers to question the moves they make in their lives: Are we making the right move? Or is there a better move? What will be the result of this move?

And the most important question: Which move will life play now?

The exhibition reminds us that every move in life is a risk, but it can also be an opportunity.

Looking, seeing, feeling, thinking, dreaming and taking a stand...

What will be your next move?
Nizam Orçun Önal

Nizam Orçun Önal, "Knights No:1", Stoneware, 1240°, 19 x 16 x 7 cm / 21 x 6 x 7,5 cm.

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