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Olga Alexopoulou

b. 1980, Athens. Graduate of the Ruskin School of Art at Oxford University. Her works have been exhibited in museums such as the Museum of Spyros Vassiliou, The Ethnological Museum of Trace, and Pinakothiki of Piraeus, as well as in solo exhibitions in galleries in Greece and the UK. In 2017, Alexopoulou was named one of the top 50 female street artists in the world in publications in London and Paris. In recent years, her works have been exhibited on walls, in museums, and in galleries around the world. The artist presents nature to the audience in an endless and untamed way without domesticating art.

Solo exhibitions

  • 2019 Museum Herakleidon, Athens, GR
  • 2019 UltraSuperNew Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • 2018 "Leaden Waters: How to be Brave", Galata Greek School, Istanbul, TR
  • 2016 "Quickening", Pinakothiki of Piraeus, Athens, GR
  • 2015 "Olga Alexopoulou - Paintings", Museum of Spyros Vassiliou, Athens, GR
  • 2014 "Artist in Spotlight: Olga Alexopoulou", Tio Ilar, Athens, GR
  • 2014 "Sketching the City", Ethnological Museum of Thrace, Dedeagac, GR
  • 2012 "Cobalt + Porcelain", M-Art Space, Aegina, GR
  • 2012 "THAT Space", Caravanserai, Floating Projection, Istanbul, TR
  • 2011 "Far From the Cities", Artville Gallery, Athens, GR
  • 2007 "Solo Exhibition", Artville Gallery, Athens, GR
  • 2002 "Solo Exhibition", X-Change Gallery, Oxford, GB
  • 2001 "Solo Exhibition", Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford, GB

Group Exhibitions

  • 2023 “Parrhesia” Art Ankara, Ankara, TR
  • 2023 “Özgürlük Senin Karakterindir”, Istanbul Concept Gallery, İstanbul, TR
  • 2022 “Ar(t)chive”, Istanbul Concept Gallery, İstanbul, TR
  • 2021 “Aura”, Italyan Kültür, İstanbul, TR
  • 2021 “Harekete Geç!” Uluslararası 360 Dereceden Aşk Festivali, İstanbul, TR
  • 2020 “Ar(t)chive”, Istanbul Concept Gallery, İstanbul, TR
  • 2020 “Diachronies”, Foundation of Hellenic World, Atina, GR
  • 2020 “Walk in my shoes”, Uluslararası 360 Dereceden Aşk Festivali, İstanbul, TR
  • 2019 “Ar(t)chive”, Istanbul Concept Gallery, İstanbul, TR
  • 2019 “Kahraman Sensin”, Uluslararası 360 Dereceden Aşk Festivali, İstanbul, TR
  • 2019 “The Beauties of Peran”, Foundation of Hellenic World, Atina, GR
  • 2018 “Diachronies”, Museum of Larissa, GR
  • 2018 “Innocence: The Garden of the Beloved”, Istanbul Concept Gallery, İstanbul, TR
  • 2018 “In broad daylight: Greek Women Street Artists”, AAA Gallery, New York, US
  • 2018 “The beauties of Peran”, Şişmanoğlu Megaro, İstanbul, TR
  • 2018 “Everyone is Equal”, Istanbul Concept Gallery, İstanbul, TR
  • 2017 “Remember”, Stavros Niarchos Foundation,  Atina, GR
  • 2017 “10 x 10”, Istanbul Concept Gallery, İstanbul, TR
  • 2017 “Kazantzakis”, Museum of History and Folkart, Aegina Island, GR 
  • 2017 Biennale Internationale d' Art Mural – BIAM, FR
  • 2016 “Abteilung für Alles Andere”, Berlin-Mitte, Almanya, DE
  • 2016 “Little Things”, Artshot Gallery, Atina, GR
  • 2015 “Ulaşılabilir Sanat”, İstanbul, TR
  • 2015 “Invitation to Dinner”,  Genesis Gallery, Atina, GR
  • 2014 Women’s Forum Street Art Project: “She’s a Leader”, Global Event.
  • 2014 “Casa Bianca”, Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki, GR
  • 2013 “Polis - Metropolis”, Ash in Art, Atina, GR
  • 2013 “Dazibao”, Ningbo Museum, Ningbo, CN
  • 2013 Austro Sino Arts Program and Embassy of the Arts, Organhaus, Chongqing, CN
  • 2013 Istanbul Graffiti Festival, İstanbul, TR
  • 2013 Graffiti project, Zero Station, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, VN
  • 2013 “Tio Ilar 6”, Atina, GR
  • 2013 “Auction for Charity”, St. Peter’s College Chapel, Oxford, GB 
  • 2012 “Nature’s Object of Desire” Art Suites, İstanbul, TR
  • 2012 “A House for the ‘30s generation”, Katakouzinos Foundation, Atina, GR
  • 2011 “What if Artist Group”, CWB, Hong Kong, HK
  • 2010 “Spectacular Sights”, Gallery KG52, Stockholm, CH
  • 2010 “Carte Blanche VIII”, Booze Cooperativa, Atina, GR
  • 2010 “Pontigny Room”, Artweek Exhibition, Oxford, UK
  • 2010 “Take Art/Leave Art”, AVA Gallery, Tennessee, US
  • 2009 “Communications”, Elder Street Gallery, Houston, US
  • 2009 “Urban Forest: Prologue”, Booze Cooperativa Atina, GR
  • 2009 “Five Points”, Centre d'art la Real, ES
  • 2008 “Badehane”, Istanbul, TR
  • 2007 “LadyFest”, International Video Festival, FU Studiobühne, Berlin, DE
  • 2007 “Public Space Video Exhibition”, Rethimno Cultural Events, Crete, GR
  • 2007 “Alexandria: The Routes of Memory”, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, EG
  • 2006 “Penelope Delta”, Athens College Theatre, Atina, GR
  • 2006 “Field of Vision”, Factory 798, Beijing, CN
  • 2005 “Creekside Open” 35 Shortlisted artists, APT Gallery, London, UK
  • 2005 “Inhibition”, Standpoint Gallery, London, UK
  • 2002 Artweek Exhibition, St Edmund Hall, Oxford, UK 
  • 2000 International Group Exhibition, Newtown Castle Gallery,  IE
  • 2000 Group Exhibition, Warwick University, Coventry, UK

Selected Works

"How to be Brave?" From the Exhibition, 2018
Ink on paper, 105 x 60